September 28, 2020

How to take amazing portraits when mother nature calls in sick.

Above: Image by Gina Milicia “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” – Vivian Greene, 2006 So you’ve found the perfect location, organised models and then at the 11th hour you get a call: “Hi it’s Mother Nature, I’m sorry but Sunny Day has the flu and can’t make it into work today. I can send Storm as a replacement, Torrential Rain is also available, and Drizzle can be there in five.” Do you cancel the shoot or does the show go on? How do you make the most of a shoot when Sunshine and Blue Skies call in sick? Unless you live in Yuma, Arizona, or Aswan, Egypt chances are you will have a location shoot threatened or cancelled due to rain or inclement weather. Sometimes it’s okay to raincheck (see what I did there?) but what should you do...

How to direct and pose like a pro

About Gina

About Gina

Gina Milicia is one of the most widely known and respected photographers in Australia. She is the master of capturing that ‘magical moment’... READ MORE

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