April 29, 2020

Ep 294: Documentary photography with guest Donato DiCamillo

We talk to podcast favourite, documentary photography Donato Dicamillo, who is living and shooting at the epicentre of COVID-19 in and around New York. Discover what he’s been up to since our last chat (ep 214) and what he’s shooting now. Gina and Valerie hope you enjoy the podcast. Sign up to the newsletter for great tips and free Lightroom presets. Join the dynamic Gold Membership in our Community which delivers monthly tutorials, live mastermind and lots of behind the scenes videos into the creative process. Connect with us on Instagram @valeriekhoo @ginamilicia Click play to listen to the podcast or find it on iTunes here. If you don’t use iTunes you can get the feed here, or listen to us on Stitcher radio. Show Notes Shoutouts Cool levitation images from last week’s challenge Allan Malenfant I’m so over this egg I don’t care if it just gets up and...

Binge these 3 great movies about photographers

Gregory Crewdson A fascinating profile of Gregory Crewdson, whose riveting photographs are elaborately staged, elegant narratives compressed into a single, large-scale image, set in small towns or meticulously recreated interior spaces, built on the kind of sound stages associated with big-budget movies. For more information visit The Bang Bang Club The Bang Bang Club is the real life story of a group of four young combat photographers – Greg Marinovich, Joao Silva, Kevin Carter and Ken Oosterbroek – bonded by friendship and their sense of purpose to tell the truth. They risked their lives and used their camera lenses to tell the world of the brutality and violence associated with the first free elections in post Apartheid South Africa in the early 90s. This intense political period brought out their best work (two won Pulitzers during the period) but cost them a heavy price. Based on the book of...

How to direct and pose like a pro

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