June 25, 2016

Pixel perfection vs the art of buying great wine

I once knew a photographer, Richard Barrett (not his real name) whose work was absolutely perfect. Every single image was perfectly composed and sharp as a tack. Every pixel was exposed precisely and the post production was flawless. Technically, I could not fault his work. He was also a nice guy and yet his photography struggled to get noticed. Why? I believe it had to do with the way he ordered his wine… An Artist and a Scientist walk into a bar. The Scientist carefully studies the wine list and chooses a wine based on all the data he is given, including the region the grapes are grown in, the history of the wineries and the reviews of each bottle. The Artist orders the same bottle the people on a nearby table are drinking because that’s exactly what he feels like. I believe the way a photographer orders wine, or...

How to direct and pose like a pro

About Gina

About Gina

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