November 4, 2015

Look Ma, no flash! How to create beautiful portraits using daylight

L-R Michael Veitch, Samara Alana, Chris Sebastian I’ve got a confession to make: I used to think shooting portraits with only daylight was cheating. Seriously. I believed that all great portraits needed to be lit with flash otherwise they were just snapshots. Pros used flash, daylight was for amateurs. All my portrait sessions were lit with flash. Main light, fill light, hair light, background light. I used every tool in my toolkit because the more lights, I used the better the shot. Right? Boy, was I wrong on this one! I was such a gearophile-tech-head that I never even bothered to notice what the daylight was doing. I wanted to manufacture my own light just like McDonalds manufactures its own burgers. My shots were like a Big Mac. They were consistent, reliable, and over-processed. And they left me feeling empty. It wasn’t until one of my flashes misfired that I...

How to direct and pose like a pro

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About Gina

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