April 29, 2015

What would MacGyver do? How to create a boom stand.

MacGyver, was one of my favourite TV series from the 80s about a secret agent with a beautiful mullet who managed to come up with ingenious ways to build really complicated devices using chewing gum, paper clips, pens and a Swiss army knife. (verb) : To improvise a creative solution to seemingly impossible situation by using everyday found objects, faith, spit, gaffer tape and a bit of luck. I love to Macgyver. I do it often. Half my home has been MacGyvered together but the place I love to MacGyver the most is when I’m on a photo shoot. I love being able to come up with creative ways to MacGyver lights together or new ways to make things using found objects. I think this is the reason I love working in television and film so much. The crews I work with are masters of MacGyver. I’ve seen them pull...

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About Gina

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